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Meet Our Partners: CBAA

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The Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA) was established for the promotion of community broadcasting including both radio and television. It represents over 300 members, which includes approximately 80% of Australia’s community radio licensees. Read More

Meet Our Partners: Make Music Alliance

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The Make Music Alliance is the glue that holds Make Music Day together. While the spirit of this event is that anybody can organise an event anywhere, without needing to be connected to any central organisation, we like our international connections and the Make Music Alliance is at the heart of those connections. The Alliance coordinates many of the international projects, brings international organisers together for meetings, coordinates in the US with major partners and the NAMM Foundation, developed our logo, and in the US it acts as a peak body for all of the local chapters. Read More

Join the global song swap for Make Music Day!

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Our brilliant friends from the Make Music Alliance in the US are again coordinating My Song Is Your Song, the great global song swap.

Learn a song by another artist and hear yours covered in return. Songwriters, composers and bands of all styles and walks of life are invited to participate!

Partners will be introduced by May 20th, to give you all plenty of time to communicate and get to know each other’s work while recording your version of their song.You’ll make their song your own, share a video of it on Instagram or YouTube on June 21st, and use #MySongIsYourSong to join in the celebration!

We are very excited to announce special prizes for this year’s song swap! One pair of songwriters will be selected at random to receive these prize bundles: #MySongIsYourSong participants: a ukulele from Flight, a Scarlett 2i2 (4th gen) audio interface from Focusrite, and a Novation Launchkey 37.

Last year’s winners included an Australian artist, Damian Morris, swapping a song with Ryan Oyer.

To enter to win, just:

  • Register using this form: Form closes Monday May 6th
  • Receive your pairing with another songwriter by Monday May 20th
  • Record your cover of their song
  • On Make Music Day, Friday June 21st, post your recording of your partner’s song on Instagram or Youtube, and
  • Send the link to by midnight (New York time) on Friday June 21, 2024.

Join the conversation following #MySongIsYourSong on YouTubeFacebook and Instagram.

Download graphics for #MySongIsYourSong

Meet Our Partners: NAMM Foundation

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The Australian Music Association has been selected as one of just 24 organisations worldwise to receive a grant from The NAMM Foundation this year, for Make Music Australia. The NAMM Foundation supports vital programs that provide access to music-making opportunities across a variety of different communities and demographics. Read More

Make Music Day 2023 a roaring success

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Thank you for tuning up and joining us for Make Music Day 2023!

This year we had over 150 events across all states and territories, with thousands of people making music all over Australia, from Melbourne to Orange to Broome to Cairns. One thing we love about Make Music Day is that anyone can join in and play from their lounge room and stream out to people across the world, or put on a concert with their local council and make music for their town or suburb.
Globally, our livestream was beamed out to other music making events happening in China, South Africa, the United Kingdom, France, US, Thailand and more!
Some music projects take longer to put together than others, so we encourage you to start thinking now about how you might be involved in 2024 and put the date in your calendar, as well as any reminders you need sooner as you plan your year.
You might also like to sign up to our mailing list if you’re not already receiving it so you receive all the updates as the 2024 event draws closer:
Remember to follow us on social media – @makemusicaustralia to see videos and photos of the amazing live acts who performed on the day, and to stay up to date for getting involved next year.

International musical exchange for children aged 7-13

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In a new global collaboration, Make Music, Make Friends is connecting school children aged 7-13 from Australia, China, India, Italy, Pakistan, Thailand, the U.K., and the U.S. on Make Music Day this year.

Ten classes from each country, coordinated by the Make Music Alliance and Make Music Day UK, are creating musical greeting videos (with traditional or modern songs), sharing them with schools from other countries, and having their students watch these musical messages on June 21.

Through this virtual exchange, Make Music, Make Friends exposes children to different regions and cultures, while providing an authentic audience for their own performance.

Read more

Winifred Beevers on Music Therapy

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13th April 2023

It’s World Music Therapy Week (April 10-15, 2023) so we’re focusing on the great work of Registered Music Therapists and the incredible discipline they have developed, harnessing the benefits of music in a very particular way. This is the second Music Therapy feature, following our interview with Bridgit Hogan. We asked Registered Music Therapist Winifred Beevers five questions about what this work means to her and the people she works with. Read More

Bridgit Hogan on Music Therapy

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12th April, 2023

It’s World Music Therapy Week (April 10-15, 2023) so there’s no better time to focus on the great work of Registered Music Therapists and the incredible discipline they have developed, harnessing the benefits of music in a very particular way. We are happy to share two features this week, in this first article we ask Bridgit Hogan, CEO of the Australian Music Therapy Association, five questions about what this all means to her and the profession she represents. Read More