Register for the Global Folk Challenge

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Take part in the Global Folk Challenge by swapping folk songs. Share a folk song from our country, and in exchange, learn and perform a different folk song submitted by another participating musician. The songs will then be performed and shared on Make Music Day.

If you are a musician or group and up for this global challenge, sign up by 23 May to take part!

Make Music Day International Collaboration Opportunities

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Our global Make Music Alliance has organised several great opportunities for Australian musicians to collaborate with colleagues from around the world.

Young Composers Contest

The Make Music Alliance is thrilled to announce the third annual Young Composers Contest, in partnership with world-renowned vocal group The Swingles.

Composers aged 13 to 21 are invited to set the text of the poem “A Jelly-Fish” by Marianne Moore to music for The Swingles. A panel of distinguished judges will select a winning composition, which will be recorded by The Swingles and released on June 21 for Make Music Day.

The submission deadline is May 22ndfull details are available on our website. Please spread the word among students and young friends!


Registration for 2022 is now open!

This Make Music Day, artists around the world are invited to the third annual global song swap! Learn a song by another artist and hear yours covered in return. Songwriters, composers, and bands of all styles and walks of life are invited to participate.

Registration closes May 20th, and in early June participating artists will be paired together. They have two weeks to learn their partner’s song and make it their own before sharing their videos on June 21st!

Nearly 200 artists participated in the second annual #MySongIsYourSong for Make Music Day 2021. Check out many of their amazing covers below, and join the conversation following #MySongIsYourSong on YouTubeFacebook and Instagram.

Click here to register!

May 20th: Registration closes
June 3rd: Partners will be introduced
June 21st: Videos are shared with the public

For more information, email:

Global Livestream
As a “Main Stage” for Make Music Day, the Make Music Alliance organised an all-day video stream on June 21, 2021 showcasing the rich diversity of being made around the world. Australia featured strongly in the Global Livestream, In 2022 the Global Make Music Day Alliance will be  livestreaming in a sun relay for 24-hours of Make Music Day on June 21. More details to follow.


In the 40 years since it began on June 21, 1982, France’s Fête de la Musique has become one of the country’s most important holidays. Nationwide, millions of people take to the streets to make music together on June 21, in a completely free and open event experienced annually by 64% of the population. And it has inspired countless other countries who now celebrate their own June 21 musical holidays, including the United States, Nigeria, China, Australia, UK, Germany, Italy and Brazil, to name a few.

To honour the event’s 40th anniversary in 2022, the Make Music Alliance is organizing a series called Faire La Fête with 40 concerts in 40 countries on June 21, each featuring the music of French songwriters and composers, and bringing attention to the event’s origins and rapid international growth.

From Jean-Philippe Rameau, Claude Debussy and Pierre Boulez to Django Reinhardt, Françoise Hardy, and Zaz, Faire La Fête concerts will showcase the rich variety of French music, interpreted by orchestras, ensembles, or bands from each of the 40 countries. Just like the rest of the Fête de la Musique, all performances will take place on June 21, free to the public and in front of a live audience. They will also be livestreamed – or recorded with high-quality video and sent in the same day – to be shared with the world.

For more information, contact Andria Nicodemou (, and watch this space for full details!

Create Your Own Stage on June 21

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Make Music Day is back for 2022! For the first time is two years making music with your friends or enjoying live music is back too!
Make Music Day is a free non-commercial celebration of music around the world on June 21st. Launched in 1982 in France as the Fête de la Musique, it is now held on the same day in more than 1000 cities in 120 countries.Completely different from a typical music festival, Make Music Day is open to anyone who wants to take part. Make Music Day seeks the involvement of government bodies, local councils, schools and community music organisations, music stores and industry, and importantly, the general community. It is a day of community-led free musical expression.Held each year on June 21, to celebrate all things music, Make Music Day encourages both amateur and professional music making, and empowers individuals to seek out ways to celebrate and express music in their community. All of it is free and open to the public. Every kind of musician —young and old, amateur and professional, of every musical persuasion — gathers indoor and outdoor, in venues, streets, parks, plazas, paddocks and verandas to share their music with friends, neighbours, and strangers.Musicians simply stage their event and register it on the website  to become part of a huge global event on June 21Resources to Use
There are a lot of resources and info you can use online including Activities Guide, Online Guide, Logos, social media tiles, images and more – all to use in staging your event. CLICK HERE for the Resources page

Make Music Day is online too
Check out the Digital Guide HERE

We’ll take submissions for live performance on video too and incorporate them into our 2022 program and post the videos on June 21. CLICK HERE to make your submission.

Participate on Socials
Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.


Check out the Make Music Day Australia 2021 highlights video HERE

Hal Leonard Australia Release Make Music Day Songbook for all to use Free of Charge!

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Hal Leonard Australia has produced a Make Music Day 2021 songbook in partnership with a group of publishers to encourage people to make music and to celebrate Make Music Day 2021. It is available for FREE download at this link CLICK HERE. Our thanks to Hal Leonard and Mushroom, Sony ATV, Universal Music & Native Tongue Music Publishing groups for making this possible. The songbook contains the following classics – Throw Your Arms round Me, Here Comes the Sun, Waltzing Matilda, Stand by Me & Rocket Man. Fantastic fodder for your Make Music Day performance!


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We’ve told you all about Make Music Music Day over the past weeks and now we want to remind you to REGISTER YOUR EVENT!

Held annually on 21 June, Make Music Day is part of an international movement  launched in 1982 in France, it’s now held in more than a thousand places across 120 countries.

Make Music Day is like a DIY music festival that’s free and open to the public. Make Music Day is like a DIY music festival that’s free and open to the public and we call on Australians to CREATE YOUR OWN STAGE on June 21

You can organise your own gig, or join the many organisations that will host events.

Check out our socials

Here’s a few ideas for getting involved in Make Music Day on 21 June:

Create your own stage, wherever you are!

Grab your guitar/violin/bongos and head to the park. Contact your local council and ask if they have a spot you can play at (this could be a park, plaza, shopping centre etc). Get together with some friends for a jam session. Get your school/college/uni band to perform. Join a community choir – or start one! Join an existing community event.

Go live on your socials hashtags #makemusicday and #makemusicoz
Simply live stream your gig, jam session or even a music lesson from your phone on your socials.

Live From Home Challenge
Record a video of yourself performing one of your own songs, upload it to your social media, and tag three friends to challenge them to respond with their own performances. Don’t forget to use the hashtags #makemusicday and #makemusicoz
Songs from the Couch
Ask your housemate, friend or family member to film you performing your song from your couch, and post it on Make Music Day Australia website. If you submit pre-recorded content, it will be displayed in an online gallery on 21 June.
Create your own live streamed “festival”
You can create a Make Music Day festival of your very own. Find a few musical mates, and follow these steps for a live stream “festival”:

  1. Find 4-5 artists to live stream a performance over the course of a few hours on 21 June
  2. Allocate each one a 20 minute time slot
  3. Design a festival program that includes these details: artist’s name, performance time slot (eg: 1:00pm – 1:20pm), artist’s social media handle; hashtags #makemusicday and #makemusicoz
  4. Make sure you give yourself enough time to advertise the event across your social media channels before your festival on 21 June

International collaboration
Make Music Day will be happening all over the world. Here’s some great ways you can get involved or connect with international songwriters and musicians:

MixMash Studios
Bringing producers and sound samplers together. Producers from around the world can sign up to complete a track from sound submissions from Make Music Day fans. On 20 June, participating producers will have 24 hours to complete their track using only the provided sounds. Find out more

Instruments from found objects. This Make Music Day, join Bash the Trash Environmental Arts in raising global awareness about household waste pollution by building fun instruments from found objects! See how you can turn your junk into music

Global Live Stream
Make Music Alliance is organising a day-long video stream on 21 June, showing the rich diversity of Make Music Day events around the world. Last year’s live stream featured live performances from all across the world, including Ngaiire live from Sydney. See the 2021 schedule

Don’t forget to promote your Make Music Day event!

Register your performance on the Make Music Australia website so we can help promote your events online in the lead up to 21 June. Submit an event

You can submit your video to the Make Music Day website

Create your own Make Music Day post with this Social Media Post Generator

More handy guides, ideas and tools are available on the Make Music Day website.

Check out some of the early event registrations for more inspiration!

International Collaboration Program Announced

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The Global Make Music Alliance in 2021 has announced a number of musical collaborations to allow musicians to get together in Make Music Day June 21. From Australia there are some exciting opportunities including

Young Composer’s Contest – an international opportunity for young composers

#MySongIsYourSong – swap songs with another artist

MixMash Studios – bringing producers and sound samplers together

Global Folk Challenge – sharing folk music traditions across the world

International Drum Battle – drum and percussion groups make some noise

Window Serenades – socially distanced performances for care homes

Junkophonics – instruments from found objects

International Leaf Music Symposium – bringing the art of leaf music to the world – bringing the art of leaf music to the world

Global Livestream – 16 hour livestream around the world

Explore your musical boundaries and hook up with people all over the world on June 21.

NSW Government Supports Make Music Day with grants program

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Create NSW has partnered with the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment as part of The Festival of Place to offer Small Project Grants of $15,000 specifically for Make Music Day.  A total of $90,000 will be available to support six programs to be held across NSW. On the 20thand 21st June, we are enabling FREE music in public spaces for audiences around the state; on street corners, in parks, libraries, gardens and main streets.

You can read the Minister’s release HERE
Applicants are encouraged to review the information and apply to further amplify  Make Music Day events in your local government area.
Applications now open and will close on Sunday 16th May 2021.

Further details about The Small Project Grants for Make Music Day

For more information about Create NSW’s involvement in Make Music Day

Further details about The Festival of Place
The Festival of Place celebrates the importance, breadth, beauty and possibilities of public spaces across NSW. It is a place-based, citizen-led and multidisciplinary festival that shines a light on the value of our great public spaces and the stories that enrich them and bind us together.

Make Music Day Australia invites Australians to ‘Create Your Own Stage!’

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The Australian Music Association seeks to expand participation in Make Music Day on June 21, 2021 after COVID restrictions curtailed enthusiasts’ ability in some quarters to come together in person in 2020 to make music. We met online and we’ll meet again, but there’s nothing like getting together and making music with others. Make Music Day Australia is on again!

Make Music Day is a free celebration of music making around the world, taking place on 21 June each year. Launched in 1982 in France as the Fête de la Musique, it is now held on the same day in more than 800 cities in 120 countries. And now for a fourth year in Australia.

Different from a typical music festival, Make Music Day is open to anyone who wants to take part. It’s a DIY Music Festival! Every kind of musician — young and old, amateur and professional, of every musical persuasion — can organise their own gig, or join the many organisations that will host events, to share their music with friends, neighbours, and strangers. All of it is free and open to the public.

Since the 2018 launch of Make Music Day Australia the event has grown each year and has been hosted with the funding and resources of the Australian Music Association (AMA), via its partner the NAMM Foundation. Its key local partners, the Live Music Office with the support of APRA AMCOS and Create NSW have created a platform for a truly national event.

The event has hosted hundreds of events in as many locations around Australia. In 2020, like many events, Make Music Day pivoted to online and attracted tens of thousands of people keen to have the opportunity to make music on June 21 and be part of this huge global event.

Australian Music Association Executive Officer Rob Walker said, “The AMA is excited to give musicians of all levels the opportunity to create their own stage on Make Music Day. The synergy of purpose between the partners driving the event is striking, and we look forward to engaging our communities in live music on June 21, 2021.”

Lucy Joseph of the Live Music Office commented, “Make Music Day is all about allowing communities of audiences and musicians to engage with each other for one day to make free, accessible music and to celebrate the role that music plays in our everyday lives.”

The Live Music Office will work with Make Music Day to promote participation, engage with other government agencies and liaise with music industry stakeholders, local councils, venues and organisations promoting the benefits and opportunities surrounding Make Music Day.

Government and organisations lend their weight to the national effort with key partners including Create NSW, Community Music Victoria and the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia and many others. Create NSW has been pivotal in developing initiatives in its state which reveal a deep desire for Australians to make music. Chris Keely, Executive Director, Create NSW said:

“Create NSW is excited to continue our involvement in Make Music Day in 2021. Make Music Day connects NSW to the global music community and offers a significant opportunity for practitioner and audience development. Through Make Music Day, Create NSW engages with the NSW music sector by brokering partnerships and facilitating events both live and online that demonstrate the joy of music in our lives”.

Community Music Victoria’s Craig Barrie said, “Community Music Victoria is proud to be a foundation partner of this annual celebration of music. The well-documented benefits of singing and playing together have never been more important, as communities reconnect after a challenging year. Make Music Day is the perfect catalyst for inspiring creativity and joy through music and celebrating our music-making communities.”

By establishing one specific day each year, June 21, to celebrate music, Make Music Day encourages both amateur and professional music making, and empowers individuals to seek out ways to celebrate music in their community.

Register your event online at and be a part of a huge global event making music.

About Make Music Day:

Held annually on June 21, Make Music Day is part of the international Fête de la Musique, taking place in a thousand cities and places across 120 countries. The daylong, musical free-for-all celebrates music in all its forms, encouraging people to band together and play in free public concerts. This year, many governments, communities, businesses groups, cities & towns will organise Make Music Day is presented in Australia by the Australian Music Association and is supported by the NAMM Foundation and all our participating partners. For more information, please visit

About the Australian Music Association

The Australian Music Association’s is a not-for-profit organisation whose mission is to be the voice of the music products industry and grow music making in Australia. For more information please visit our website

About the Live Music Office

The Live Music Office works to support the growth of the venue-based live music sector in Australia to increase live music performance opportunities and support live music audience and sector development. For more information please visit:


Rob Walker

Executive Officer

Australian Music Association


M: (0438) 564 960


Lucy Joseph

Live Music Office

9935 7995


2020 Make Music Day Australia | A Showcase of a Nation’s Talent and Creativity

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It was a big day on Sunday June 21 as many of us celebrated making music on 2020 Make Music Day Australia – from the Sydney Opera House to suburban back yards, in home studios to botanical gardens, Australians were not letting a global pandemic get in the way of their love of making music. Please visit our VIDEO GALLERY for some highlights and our EVENTS PAGE to check out the events that were registered and staged. Also check out our FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM pages and search #makemusicoz and #makemusicday to see more wonderful performances – we will update all soon on some more highlights and details of a very special event