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Meet Our Partners: Make Music Alliance

By May 22, 2024News

The Make Music Alliance is the glue that holds Make Music Day together. While the spirit of this event is that anybody can organise an event anywhere, without needing to be connected to any central organisation, we like our international connections and the Make Music Alliance is at the heart of those connections. The Alliance coordinates many of the international projects, brings international organisers together for meetings, coordinates in the US with major partners and the NAMM Foundation, developed our logo, and in the US it acts as a peak body for all of the local chapters.

How does it work?

In the US, many cities and local areas have Make Music Day ‘chapters’. Each Make Music chapter is independently organized. Often it’s a local community group, music institution, or civic leader who champions the musical holiday in their hometown.

What ties everything together is the nonprofit Make Music Alliance.

When musicians and locations join Make Music, they go to their local city’s website and register using customized matchmaking software, provided by the Alliance to each member city.

The Alliance also brokers sponsorship arrangements with national partners – such as Alfred Music, D’Addario, Hohner, MPTF, Rhythm Band Instruments, and Vic Firth – to provide benefits for each city, and coordinates creative national programs like Mass Appeal and Sousapalooza.

Finally, the Alliance spearheads the overall PR effort for Make Music Day, and leads the charge in expanding Make Music to new markets.

How do they work with Australians?

The Alliance plays a leading role in projects such as the Global Livestream, Pulsations, My Song Is Your Song, and many more. The Australian Music Association, which coordinates Make Music Day in Australia, is a member of the Make Music Alliance and attends international meetings.

Who are they? 

Aaron Friedman is the President of Make Music Alliance Inc. and one of the key people involved in promoting Make Music Day, in the US and internationally. Some Australians will have been in contact with Catherine or other organisers. The Alliance has a board and advisory council.

Fun fact: The founder and figurehead of Fête de la Musique when he was France’s Minister of Culture in 1982, is currently on the Make Music Alliance board.