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Meet Our Partners: NAMM Foundation

By News

The Australian Music Association has been selected as one of just 24 organisations worldwise to receive a grant from The NAMM Foundation this year, for Make Music Australia. The NAMM Foundation supports vital programs that provide access to music-making opportunities across a variety of different communities and demographics. Read More

Bridgit Hogan on Music Therapy

By News, Profiles

12th April, 2023

It’s World Music Therapy Week (April 10-15, 2023) so there’s no better time to focus on the great work of Registered Music Therapists and the incredible discipline they have developed, harnessing the benefits of music in a very particular way. We are happy to share two features this week, in this first article we ask Bridgit Hogan, CEO of the Australian Music Therapy Association, five questions about what this all means to her and the profession she represents. Read More