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Acoustic @ The ABAG
Within the traditional setting of the Alan Baker Gallery in Camden we will have the pleasure of celebrating world music day with two incredible local musicians Pat Took and Isaac Lewis.
Pat Took will entertain with his much loved ukulele, sharing his unique wit and adventurous spirit with visitors to the Gallery. Pat’s folk style will bring the fun of the festival to our door! Sit back, be entertained and let the music take control. 11am till noon
Isaac Lewis, local Music Promoter, will pardon himself from the role of promoting local music enthusiasts and big name artists to return to his craft and share a now unique opportunity for people to enjoy his amazing talent! Known widely for his energetic performances, full of flair and excitement Isaac will remind us all of his amazing talent, sharing his great love for music! 3pm till 4pm

Make Music Day HAPPY YESS Jam Sesh!!


Make Music Day is a celebration of music thats held all around the world on June 21st. Launched in 1982 in France as the Fête de la Musique, it is now held on the same day in more than 800 cities in 120 countries.

Darwin’s most loved #live #music #venue is proud to be a part of MAKE MUSIC DAY!!!

We invite ALL of #darwins musicians, singers, rock stars and dreamers to come together and celebrate the delicious glue that connects us all – MUSIC!!!

BRING: Your instrument, a big bloody smile, your rhythm and your grooves to the Make Music Day Darwin Jam Session at Happy Yess!!

#keyboard #drums #guitar #tuba #yidaki #clarinet #bongo #flute #oboe #violin #bass #shakers #sax #clapsticks #bells #vocals

Entry is by donation.

Southwest Sound by the Sea


South Regional Tafe, along with the City of Busselton Youth Services are presenting for Make Music Day a show of experimental music making in the incredible Youth Precinct Centre on the Busselton Foreshore.

In the 1st every year of running Music Industry at the Busselton Campus, songs have been made, creativity shared and souls lifted by the joy of music making.

With this in mind the Certificate II Music Industry students invite you to come to the space to watch them perform, and to see how a full live sound setup and PA comes to life.

Expect performances by solo performers Josephine Murray-Kilkenny, Olivia Avery and Baylea Hodges, as well as performances by young rockers Midnight Sun, and Avant Garde pop outfit Toxic Clover.

If watching young musicians project sounds through the town and out to sea wasn’t enough, there will also be a special performance of meditative music performed live by Sound Relaxation (Ute Coleman).

Please feel free to pop your head in, ask questions and to get involved. If come around lunchtime lecturer Chris Archibald (Chris Archee) will even give you a lesson on how to drop tracks on the DJ decks!

See you there.

Live and Local in Mudgee


Local Musicians Clint Westcott, Harry Gibbons and Sam Kurtz will be playing at Mudgee Brewing Company, Lawson Park Hotel and Market Street Cafe during lunchtime as part of the Mudgee Region’s Live and Local initiative.

12pm to 2pm

Mudgee Brewing Company – Clint Westcott

Lawson Park Hotel – Harry Gibbons

12pm to 1pm

Market Street Cafe – Sam Kurtz

Make Music Day Australia 2018 at CREATE NSW


On 21st of June, we will have 2 types of activities, demonstrations and participation:

  1. Kazoo Choir
  2. Toy Instrument Orchestra
  3. Capella style Choir
  4. Body Percussion Workshop, including the  instruments below:
  • Compact PA Speaker
  • 4 Channel Mixer
  • Microphone and Stand
  • SPD SX Sample Pad
  • SPD 30 Octapad
  • Laptop with interface
  • 2 congas
  • Cajon
  • 3 Cymbals with mallets and violin bow
  • Small percussion instruments; shakers, rain stick, maracas, Tamborine, clap sticks, wind chimes.

The Newsagency Presents…


The Newsagency is Sydney’s cosiest live music venue, situated a stone’s throw from Parramatta Road, in Annandale. We have been operating since July 2017 in our current format, and we are proud to be artist focused and independantly operated.

We are also very proud to present to you 3 amazing local musicians on #MakeMusicDay2018


Visually and sonically arresting, flower crowned crooner GOLDHEIST has been likened to Kate Bush, Florence & The Machine, and Ellie Goulding, bringing her songs and stories to stages across regional and metropolitan Australia.

Dion Condack

​Dion’s music career began at the tender age of 5, when he became fascinated by the piano. Fast forward to 2018,  his debut acoustic album of originals coordinated with the Newtown Performing Arts school choir in a combined choral work, ‘Suddenly’, is ready to unleash on the world’s audience.

Alison Avron

Alison Avron is a singer, songwriter, pianist, and Creative Director of The Newsagency. She grew up in rural South Australia and amused herself by singing in community choirs and touring with opera companies. Slightly manic yet completely loveable, witty and nonchalant you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone like her on the planet.

After these 3 performances, we are opening up The Newsagency stage for all and sundry! Come down, sinf us a song, and MAKE MUSIC!

Make Music Day Australia 2018 Sing and Play Session


Come along and celebrate Make Music Day 2018 with us and join in on our FREE Sing and Play Session at Hawaiian’s Melville!!!

“Make Music Day is a free celebration of music making around the world on June 21st.” We would like to bring this opportunity of making music to the community here in Perth, by inviting parents and their children along to a FREE Make Music Day “Sing and Play” session at Hawaiian’s Melville. Bring along any instrument you have around the house whether it be a rattle, maracas, ukulele, tambourine, or even some pots and pans and join with us in playing and singing some of your favourite well known children’s songs. We will sing and play along to lots of songs you might already know and you might even learn a new song or two!

Your leading artists, Michaela Ivory otherwise known as “The Musical Mum” and Rebecca Flanagan from “Musical Experiences for Children” will be guiding you through the Sing and Play session and we look forward to making music with you and your children!

Music provides a multitude of benefits to young children by helping to develop language and literacy skills, aids in social and emotional development, improves fine and gross motor skills, enhances listening ability, as well as being fun, creative and joyful.

Choose your own sing-along with Southern Voices Melbourne


Everyone is invited to join Southern Voices Melbourne for a “Choose Your Own Sing-along”. In other words, everyone is invited to attend our regular Thursday night rehearsal, but you get to choose what we sing, from our vast repertoire. That’s right it’s a choose your own musical adventure! And we know how it will turn out – everyone gets to sing together and enjoy making music for Make Music Day 2018!!