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Andy Baylor

Andy Baylor is one of Australia’s most respected and influential independent musicians. Known for his multi-instrumental skills, songwriting and versatility, he has released 12 independent albums and continues to produce a range of diverse musical projects which showcase his unique style.

As a guitarist, Andy combines a deep knowledge of blues, jazz, folk and country music. As a violinist, he has honed a unique Australian sound with elements of swing, Celtic, Cajun, classical and country fiddle styles. He has drawn on America’s great 20th century legacy of popular music and his own Australian roots to create an individual voice.

“Melbourne, my hometown, has since the 1970’s become one of the most vibrant and diverse musical cities of the world. We hear about New Orleans, Nashville, Austin, the great capitals of American music culture, but we have our own music capital here in Australia. Pre-Covid, Melbourne could boast a level of musical activity that made it talked about all over the world. It has produced the talent and the aesthetic to do great things and over the years has matured into a vibrant, diverse musical meeting place. “Music has the power to express inner emotional states in ways which words cannot. It offers immediate sharing of the personal and the public and is accessible to all. Music is one of the most joyous and deepest of all arts and I am constantly looking for new ways to present it to the public.”