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Bob Spencer

Bob Spencer is one of Australia’s most respected guitar players and an ARIA Hall of Fame inductee.

A wide and varied career started with Sydney band Finch in 1971 (winners of the Pepsi Pop Poll a year later), who recorded the Drouyn album for the film 1973, the album “Thunderbird” in 1975, and “Short Changed Again” in 1976.

Then joining Skyhooks in 1977, recording “Guilty Until Proven Insane” followed by “Live, Be In It”, lots of touring, and our last album, “Hot For The Orient” in 1979.

In 1986 Bob joined The Angels Followed by albums “Howling”, “Liveline”, “Beyond Salvation” (the band’s multi-Platinum, first and only Number One album), “Red Back Fever”, lots of touring and acceptance into the ARIA Hall of Fame in 1998, alongside his Hero, Doug Ford, of The Masters Apprentices.

Bob recorded and released his own (first) solo album, “Saints and Murderers” in 2018.

Most of his time and effort since 2000 has been spent teaching and conducting band programs for amateur musicians, particularly as coach and mentor to hundreds in the Weekend Warriors program, and his own programs dedicated to supporting children, The Greater Groove Music programs.

Bob returned to the stage in 2017 playing with, recording, engineering and touring Australia and Europe with Australian iconic band Rose Tattoo.

Immediate goals include conducting Music sessions for those in the NDIS who would like to have some professionally supported fun with Music!

“I think that most of us, especially the “old timers”, have long thought, or “felt”, if you like, that being involved with Music was, is, a good thing, but these days we have the supporting evidence that the pursuit of Music, not necessarily as a career path, simply for enjoyment, has many proven benefits; that kids who play an instrument have improved lateral thinking, problem solving, cognitive skills, social interaction, teamwork, spatial skills, enjoy a deeper encouragement of creativity and a more focussed mind. AND………. especially if they get to play the Music that they enjoy, they have FUN! Which is the main reason I keep doing it!

As an engaged parent, or someone looking at how (and why?) to spend those later years, I doubt that Music has an equal.

This sounds to me like win-win-win. And you can’t ask for much better than that”.