International Collaboration Program Announced

By May 5, 2021News

The Global Make Music Alliance in 2021 has announced a number of musical collaborations to allow musicians to get together in Make Music Day June 21. From Australia there are some exciting opportunities including

Young Composer’s Contest – an international opportunity for young composers

#MySongIsYourSong – swap songs with another artist

MixMash Studios – bringing producers and sound samplers together

Global Folk Challenge – sharing folk music traditions across the world

International Drum Battle – drum and percussion groups make some noise

Window Serenades – socially distanced performances for care homes

Junkophonics – instruments from found objects

International Leaf Music Symposium – bringing the art of leaf music to the world – bringing the art of leaf music to the world

Global Livestream – 16 hour livestream around the world

Explore your musical boundaries and hook up with people all over the world on June 21.