Sydney Symphony Orchestra Live Stream on Make Music Day Australia 2019 Reaches out Globally

By February 28, 2020News

Have you watched the magnificent SSO at the Opera House on Make Music Day 2019 – ‘Music of the Oud’ – you can view the concert online hereconcert online hereconcert online here

Music of the Oud out-performed Verdi’s Requiem on Facebook and we increased our number of streaming venues, with at least 35 locations participating (including the MMD international locations).
The stream reached a total of 858 video views and 1,588 impressions. The stream had an overall play rate of 75%. The stream was watched by people in 18 countries, including the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada. The livestream has reached 46,000 people. The video currently has 15,669 unique views.